Public Apology to Stephanie Fisher

I’d like to take a moment to admit I was wrong.

A few days ago, I was in a sour mood.  I had not had a whole lot of sleep because I was up for the past few nights working on homework and also on a paper for submission (regarding Ehrman’s recent book).  As a consequence I was irritable.  And in my disposition, which was not at all becoming, I said some things which I should not have; I was unnecessarily cruel and unfair.  Some of what I said was just incorrect (I stated that she was ‘mediocre’ as a scholar and that is false.  Her work has been quite important.).

So I’d like to publicly apologize to Steph Fisher.

She may not accept it, and perhaps I deserve that.  But a few days removed from the situation, I feel extremely bad about it.  I did just what I criticize others of doing; I brought emotion into a discussion and I frankly that was a mistake.  I used to be a friend to Steph and, though I am not sure entirely why it happened, we have steadily grown to dislike each other.  I wish that were not the case.  I hope that one day the burnt bridges that divide us now can be repaired.

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11 Responses

  1. It is amazing how quickly a civil discussion can turn into a pissing match in the blogosphere and how easy it can be to get sucked into the pissing if you are not careful.

  2. Oh my goodness! A sociopath like Tom (or whatever his name really is) has a lot to learn about how to apologize! “Tom” or whoever you are on your birth certificate, your “apology” sounds like one grandiose excuse for why you wrote like an arsehole. Re-read your first paragraph — it’s all “excuses, excuses, excuses”. Someone needed to teach you when you were 3 that introducing your “apology” with a string of excuses for your behaviour is NOT an apology. But maybe they did try to teach you and you were just too genetically wired to being a sociopath. Oh well . .. .

  3. Ok Neil. Maybe you should just start telling people I don’t exist. That way you don’t have to concern yourself with exegeting what I have to say.

    Really? You’re going with the ‘Maybe Tom isn’t your real name’ conspiracy theory? Are you going to join the Birther movement now?

    And what is this about being a sociopath? How does that even apply? Don’t use words to which you don’t know the definition. Calling me a ‘sociopath’ because you don’t agree with me is a low among lows. But good luck with that getting people to take you seriously thing.

    Also, a little late to the party on this one, huh?

  4. Hey “Neil”, just a heads up: If you want to take someone to task for what you consider to be inappropriate behavior, you might want to avoid acting just as badly as the behavior that you are complaining about. And one more tip: stay out of the psychology business, you’re doing it wrong.

  5. Actually Tom’s first paragraph is his admission that he was wrong. As long a person leads with the admission of responsibility, there is nothing wrong with pleading a few extenuating circumstances in an apology, particularly when, as here, they are not offered to excuse the misconduct.

  6. Did Neil Godfrey really write that comment? Or did somebody steal his identity? I’ve emailed him to ask.

  7. I unreservedly apologise for my public attack on Tom.

    Perhaps now Tom will see fit to allow the public posting of past comments of mine in which I have attempted to clear my name and the names of some others in response to Tom’s personal denigrations in his past posts.

  8. Neil, I think you should take Tom’s example here and do the same, since you have no clue what the hell you are talking about. You’re not just doing psychology wrong, you’re doing EVERYTHING wrong.

  9. I can only hope that Neil apologises for his remarks.

  10. He sent along an apology, but since this whole thing was a game, his apology is meaningless. Frankly, I don’t have time to pander to Godfrey’s game-playing. I have actual work to do. I sent his ‘unreserved’ apology to James McGrath, who might have more use for it.

  11. [...] let that comment sink in, and then direct you to my reply here.  But come back after you read the followup comments.  Back?  Good. It is clear that Godfrey is [...]

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