The Problem With Some Americans


Calvin on Christmas Eve Dinner


This Holiday Season


A Little Doodle to Help You Understand the Nativity

Here is a fun little doodle I drew up today.


Also, I’m refraining from making any comments on the historicity of these narratives (suffice it to say, these events probably never happened).

For additional details, however, check out the following:

Waiting For Rational Thought

Great comic from Non Sequitur:

Calvin on Happiness and Ignorance

Quite relevant to today’s political crises:

There is Only One Issue that Matters this Election…

Every Bibliobloggers First Post

How Bibliobloggers Decide to Blog

Calvin and Hobbs on Clay Molding

I wonder if god had this problem.  Do you think that Satan was there saying, ‘smock smock, smock, smock…’?  What is funny is that I can see Jim West doing this.


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