Richard Carrier on ‘How Not to Argue the Mythicist Position’

This is quite a good explanation for the differences between actual, serious scholars who accept the Mythicist position compared to uncritical, shoddy research by the likes of Graves, Gandy and Freke, and more recently the Zeitgeist Movie.  I recommend everyone, both detractors of Mythicism and those who are persuaded by it, listen to this interview.  It is a great show.  Feel free to ask any questions you feel are not adequately answered by Richard and I’d be happy to offer my own interpretation of the data.

Some things that are covered: James’ mention in Paul and Josephus, Mary the mother of Jesus, poor research and shoddy publications of nonscholars and nonhistorians who have published books over the past few years on the Mythicist position, the Testimonium in Josephus, Origin’s parallels philologically to the James’ passage in Josephus, the genre of the Gospels…and much more!

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  1. The URL above seems no longer to be valid. Does anyone have a working site for the Carrier link?

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