Joe Hoffmann on Paul Kurtz

Read about it here:


2 Responses

  1. First, congratulations to Tom on the book: we are all looking forward to praising arms and the man.

    Second, the flurry of activity surrounding the dismissal of Paul Kurtz as Chair of the Center for Inquiry and the back and forth between him and the new CEO has buried Kurtz’s description of what took place. It is reposted from friendly Atheist here: (scroll down)

    Those of us who consider ourselves humanists, of the big tent variety, hope that CFI will find the resources to reshape a vision that had grown stale and irrelevant in the last ten years and had become obsessed with growth-for-growth’s sake.


  2. Joe,

    Thanks for the Updates, the congratulations, and the well-wishes. I’m sure most of my readers support your last sentence. Cue slander-ridden emails. ;-)

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