Bumper Sticker Idea #1

I think that people should get bumper stickers for being wrong about things to brighten the mood a little. “I backed the wrong horse” will do fine. You can personalize it too: “I Backed the Wrong Horse: The World Will End in 2000” or “I Backed the Wrong Horse: I Voted for Bush.”

One Response

  1. […] …”I Backed the Wrong Horse” post (admittedly, its been a while).  Well, I didn’t back it, but someone sure did!  This post’s feature?  Rand Paul. Less than a week after his election, Kentucky’s Senator-elect Rand Paul already appears to be making a rapid departure away from one of his campaign promises: an earmark ban that stood as a conservative cornerstone, a position Paul touted to indicate he was serious about tackling the reckless spending practices of Washington. […]

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