Is the ‘Quest for the Historical Jesus’ Over? (via Zwinglius Redivivus)

Jim on the Quests.

Is the 'Quest for the Historical Jesus' Over? The Sheffield blog posts an interesting observation concerning the potential reasons why interest in the HJ seems to be waning. I have a simple answer (which i also shared there) – there’s scant interest in the question because it’s by now just boring.  It isn’t interesting at all to read the same arguments over and over again.  Rehashed and rewarmed HJ studies are just about as appealing as old leftover spaghetti. To say it another way- scholars … Read More

via Zwinglius Redivivus

One Response

  1. I think if the quest has ened, it would because we realize that the trail has run cold. Since Strauss, and Schweitzer, I honestly don’t think that much NEW data has come to light.

    Jesus and the apostles are really a nebulas dead end.

    The real work will be in patristics where we actually have some data to work with.


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