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Important comments to be sure. I have no problem with “Zionists” because, as it goes, some have their heads in the right place and I do believe that Jews deserve their own state. But I wonder about those who feel more inclined to dig to prove a conclusion at the expense of the lives of others. I have a great deal of respect and admiration for the Jewish communities of the world, having undergone such tumultuous and horrendous pasts as they have, but where is the right given for some of these communities to use their past to inflict the same sort of mistreatment they had been dealt onto other communities of different (supposedly) ethnic backgrounds? Where did this right come from? The only way peace will ever come to the Middle East is when scholars step up and reinforce this perspective that land is land, and nobody has the right to evict other groups of people from it because (especially because) they feel they have a divine right to it. It is the responsibility of modern scholars to continue to express the dissatisfaction of the destruction of Palestine, both culturally and archaeologically (if not historically) at the hand of those who wish to expunge real critical history at the expense of tourism and a true historical-Jewish monolithic identity which, admittedly, probably doesn’t exist and will never be found.

One final note worth consideration (and, of course, I make this consideration tenderly and cautiously, recognizing full well that this comparison is very tongue-in-cheek): When you take over a land and attempt to prove its yours by birthright, you risk becoming no different in means than those which drove the vagarious, if not downright crazy, notions of Nazi scholars who attempted to confiscate science and theology to prove that white, German-born people of Christian belief were superior to everyone else.

Since I’ve come down with some sort of flu or something I’ve ended up staying home tonight and have watched the 60 Minutes segment on Silwan.  The guy Leslie Stahl interviewed who defended the evacuation of Palestinians and justified their displacement is pure downright wicked. Stahl is right to suggest that they aren’t just digging in the City of David, they’re digging in.  Astonishingly, the talking heads on the Jewish side seem utterly unconce … Read More

via Zwinglius Redivivus

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