Surprise Discovery: Two Planets, Two Stars, One System

Very cool!

Two massive Jupiter-like planets were recently discovered orbiting around two extremely close sister stars an unexpected find, given the disturbing gravitational effects within most binary star systems that usually disrupt planets from forming.

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Roland Boer and the Sausage-Fest Fiasco! (according to SBL) – Stalin’s Moustache

I made a post the other day about Roland Boer.  It has since made a circle around the interwebs and Roland has finally received a response (though, the end result of the status of his paper and his title are still unknown):

The other day, in fact very soon after I sent my reply to the original effort to banish the celebration of sausages from SBL, I received the following email message. It comes from the relatively new executive director of SBL, John Kutsko, who owns up to asking Charlie Haws to see if he could get rid of that dammed sausage-fest. You’ll notice the effort to keep all this on the quiet, as a supposedly ‘private’ matter, especially between men. But I can’t help wondering: fuck man, what’s wrong with sausages, especially at the Society of Biblical Literature? Castration anxiety?

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Jim West offers the following apt statement:

I’m not really sure why Roland’s paper has been singled out.  Anyone who has ever gone through the SBL program book has seen titles that aren’t only just ‘different’ but downright bizarre.  And as far as I’m concerned, more offensive.


PHD Comics: Draft dodging

How true this is.  PHD Comics: Draft dodging.

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