Sleuths Study Ancient UFOs, or ‘Why MSNBC Needs to Shut Up About History’

Attention Media: Stop trying to educate people on history.  You suck at it.  From MSNBC:

A stela at the Egyptian museum in Cairo shows Pharaoh Akhenaten, Queen Nefertiti and their children worshipping the sun in the more natural artistic style of the time. Akhenaten’s sighting of a “shining disk” descending from the sky is included on a list of 500 unexplained aerial observations made before the industrial revolution, drawn up by Jacques Vallee and Chris Aubeck.

via Cosmic Log – Sleuths study ancient UFOs.  The image shown is this:


But this is not a UFO; its the sun, also known as Aten.  The name Akhenaten means something to the effect of ‘servant of Aten (the sun disk)’.  The sun, in this image, is not ‘descending’ but extending its life-giving touch (hence the ankh, also known as a crux ansata, at the fingertips of the many hands reaching down to touch the lips of the Pharaoh).  Akhenaten was the first Pharaoh (as far as we know) to introduce henotheism into early Egyptian culture, where Aten was worshiped above all other gods.  He changed the capital to Amarna (he called Akhentaten), erected several monuments and after his death (which might have been caused by foul-play) and his line ended, everything in Egypt returned to the old ways.  If it had been aliens, why would the priests and the people return to the polytheism, minus the sun disk as its head, following this Pharaoh’s death?  This is just another case of the media making grandiose assumptions about the past based on association.  The sun disk could be construed as a UFO, ergo it must be.

Stick to the elections and natural disasters–things your accustomed to reporting on–and leave history to those who are not interested in sensationalism.  I wonder when the media will take this image:

With the caption ‘Ancient Aliens turned Pharaohs into Shape-shifters!  Mystery of the Sphinx solved!’


2 Responses

  1. That makes no sense; which frontier stelae? Who translated them? Where can I find information on them; in which journals/monographs?

  2. […] my own ‘please shut up’ campaign on this blog before (via against Glenn Beck and here against MSNBC), but nothing says ‘dilettante’ like this article over at Fox News’ website, and […]

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