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STANCE: Undergraduate Philosophy Journal Call for Papers

According to James McGrath:

I received an e-mail about a new journal providing an opportunity for undergraduates to publish in philosophy. It is called Stance and it is based at Ball State University. Here’s the Call for Papers:

Call For Papers

Stance is unique as it is produced and edited solely by undergraduates. By using external reviewers we provide feedback on every submission and often require substantive changes prior to publication. Stance mirrors the process of review and publication of professional philosophy journals.

Submission Guidelines:
Stance welcomes papers concerning any philosophical topic. Current undergraduates may submit a paper between 1500 and 3500 words in length (footnotes may extend the word limit 500 words at most). Stance asks that each undergraduate only submit one paper for the journal per year. Unnecessary technicality should be avoided. Strive to reach the widest possible audience without sacrificing clarity or rigor. Papers are evaluated on the following criteria: depth of inquiry, quality of research, creativity, lucidity, and most importantly, originality.

Submission Procedures:
• Manuscripts should be in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) format and sent as an attachment to
• Manuscripts should be double-spaced (including quotations, excerpts, and footnotes).
• The right margin should not be justified.
• To facilitate our anonymous review process, submissions are to be prepared for blind review. Include a cover page with the author’s name, affiliation, title, and email address.
• Papers, including footnotes, should have no other identifying markers.
• Footnotes should follow Chicago Manual of Style. Examples are on our website under Notes for Contributors.
• Please use American spellings and punctuation, except when directly quoting a source that has followed British style.


Deadline: Friday, December 17, 2010

There’s also a call for book reviews. Spread the word among undergraduate students you know. 


STANCE: Undergraduate Philosophy Journal Call for Papers.

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Staggering Picasso Trove Worth Over $79M Turns up in France

What a way to retire…

PARIS — A retired French electrician and his wife have come forward with 271 undocumented, never-before-seen works by Pablo Picasso estimated to be worth at least €60 million ($79.35 million), an administrator of the artist’s estate said Monday.

The couple for years squirreled away the staggering trove — which is believed to be authentic, but whose origin is unclear — in their garage on the French Riviera, said Picasso Administration lawyer Jean-Jacques Neuer.

The cache, dating from the artist’s most creative period from 1900 to 1932, includes lithographs, portraits, watercolors, and sketches — plus nine Cubist collages said to be worth €40 million alone, according to French daily Liberation, which first reported Monday on the discovery.

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Jim West is Calvin’s Father?!

When I read this comic, I easily imagined that Jim West was in Calvin’s dads chair.

Science Montage

Searching for Muses: Aliens Abusing God

Someone found my blog today searching for (wait for it…): “aliens sexual abuse god channel”


Comment Policy

I have said this once and I’ll say it again, just to be clear.  I do not allow anonymous comments.  I need to know who you are.  If I don’t know you, or if you post under a pseudonym, your comment will be deleted.  Why you ask?

Jim west sums it up nicely on his blog:

“Deception, fraud, misrepresentation, criminal behavior, sock puppetery, geoff hudson, heck you name it and anonymity is a literal pandoras box of stupidity and wickedness.”

I have to agree.  If you don’t have the wherewithal to post under your real name, that tells me something about you.  You don’t wish to take responsibility for your own words, you are going to flame someone on the blog (myself or a commenter), you are dishonest, and/or you probably don’t have anything useful to say anyway.

Here is what you do (this really only applies to first time posters–if your comment has been posted, I have this information already): In your comment, if you wish to post under an assumed name or tag, you must include your real name and a place where you can be reached.  I’ll remove this information (edit it out) before I approve the comment, don’t worry.

How the Media Twists the Words of Academics

Truth.  (h/t to James McGrath on Facebook for the comic)

Calvin on Theology

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