Have We Learned Nothing from the Roman Games?

Lions kill people–they are called “man eaters” for a reason.  Romans used to feed people to them because this is what lions do…they kill and eat mammals.  Guess what people are?  Yep.  Idiots.

Jonas, who spoke briefly with the traumatised friend, said the two had apparently been taunting the lions, standing a short distance from the high- fenced enclosure, when Bredenhand jumped up onto the gate pole.The Herald found a broken electricity box at the gate adjoining a thick 2m-high pole, making it easy for anyone to either jump over the fence or manoeuvre onto the top of the pole.“That’s when one of the lions apparently got hold of his leg and he fell in,” Jonas said. “When we got to the camp about 500m away, we saw the remains of his body. There were three lions eating him. Most of his stomach was torn out and his leg had been ripped off.”

via The Herald Online.


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