On the End of Biblical Studies, Secularism and Apologetics, and the Future of Biblical Scholarship

Check out this article by Tim Bulkeley on ‘The End of Biblical Studies’ and then come back:

Biblical studies is a discipline divided. This division can be seen (or at least caricatured) in the institutions providing employment. Seminaries are religious organizations teaching the Bible to equip pastors and preachers to work in churches. Biblical studies is also taught in universities, which in many parts of the world are secular (often state-supported) institutions. The two types of institutional involvement suggest two very different approaches to the object of our study.1 After a long period when these differences were largely unacknowledged, or at least were not named as such (though I do remember as a student in the seventies that scholars on the conservative wing were regarded by my teachers as somehow less scholarly), in the last few years the gulf has begun to be acknowledged.

Welcome back.  Now go check out Jim West’s comments on this paper and come back:

However, unlike Tim, I don’t see this ‘war’ as a bad thing. In fact, I see it as a necessity. There are, clearly and obviously, two camps. If Avalos is followed, and if he is allowed to utter his pontifications without opposition, it will simply be another example in a long series of examples of the Church lying down and playing dead. That approach (the approach of quiet acceptance and disengagement) has gone on too long. And it hasn’t worked either!
via Tim Bulkeley: On the ‘End of Biblical Studies’ Debate « Zwinglius Redivivus.

Welcome back!  Now, stay and read up on the conversation here on my blog.


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