Boa Constrictor Gives ‘virgin birth’? A New Form of Radical Mythicism in the Works?

I wonder when the “Jesus Jawed Vertebrates Mythicists” will emerge along side Acharya S’s “astrotheology mythicists”?

The discovery adds boa constrictors to the list of animals that can give fatherless birth. The list so far includes other snakes, at least three species of sharks, the Komodo dragon and some other monitor lizards, certain termites, and more.

Researchers now even think some dinosaurs may have given virgin birth, since this phenomenon has now been reported in all lineages of jawed vertebrates, except mammals, and in a number of invertebrate species.

via Boa constrictor mom gives ‘virgin birth’ – Technology & science – Science – –


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  1. Interesting you should ask. A discussion of the snake in the astrotheological myth of Aeon is at

  2. =/

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