Ancient Aliens in Egypt?

Yes, it’s true….someone found my blog by typing that title into a search engine.  Sigh.  Dilettantes.   Though I have to wonder…what are “ancient aliens”?  Wouldn’t it be “ancient Egyptians”?

10 Responses

  1. You raised it when you said that versions of the Christ myth theory are similar to the idea that aliens built the pyramids. That claim is not entirely as far-fetched as appears at first glance. The technology of the pyramids is sui generis, giving the appearance that humanity had external guidance in building them by designers who came to our planet from elsewhere.

  2. If you believe aliens helped build the pyramids, you’re quite deluded.

  3. It is not a matter of believing one thing or another, but keeping an open mind to what the evidence may say. There is a big difference between accepting that something may be possible and believing it really happened.

    There is no compelling evidence for the existence of aliens, but at the same time, alien involvement is a possible hypothesis given how massive, precise and unusual are the pyramids of Egypt. Human-alone explanations struggle to explain materials, precision, purpose and design factors, especially mathematical relations to the whole earth. These all fit neatly into an alien involvement theory, which unfortunately then falls down because of the lack of corroborating evidence apart from the pyramids themselves.

    Do you really think there is sufficient evidence to categorically rule out past alien presence on earth?
    Ideas like this one and astrology are routinely used by sceptics as examples of stupidity that is beyond the pale of reason. However, just because a theory is associated with stupid ideas does not make it automatically delusional.

  4. Let me show you how your logic fails by simply changing the subject of your last question:

    “Do you really think there is sufficient evidence to categorically rule out a past unicorn presence on earth?”

    Yes. To both questions, if it involves any sort of dubious or extraordinary claim, you must provide more evidence than your own ignorance. Just because you can’t figure out how man constructed or otherwise developed the engineering skills to build such structures does not mean that we should make the magical, mystical leap to supernatural (in this instance, you’ve just replaced ‘god’ with ‘aliens’) causes. You need to consult recent archaeological discussions on these issues and not just dismiss them. They are not as sui generis as you believe them to be.

  5. The evidence is more contested than that. Writers such as Ralph Ellis, Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval and Jonathan West have explored Egyptology from other perspectives that respect the mystery of Egypt, that we do not know how the pyramids were built. The great pyramid was not a tomb. Ellis argues there is evidence from wearing of foundation stones that used to be under the outer casing that the great pyramids are in fact much older than conventionally thought.

    As to unicorns, there is no circumstantial evidence. However, with the existence of the pyramids, applying mathematical knowledge orders of magnitude above anything else in prior human history, we see evidence that is difficult to explain. The Great Pyramids are at the geographic center of the continents of the earth, and encode pi into their mathematics in apparent relation to the diameter of the earth. Before their outer limestone casing stones were removed to make Cairo, they were a resplendent wonder, and are still massive reminders of the enigmas in the history of our planet.

  6. You just continue to prove how deluded and ignorant you are. What source do you have that the pyramids are the geographical center? Let me guess…Archarya S? The “source” for this faux data, which–by the way–comes from the mid nineteenth century, is hardly evidence of aliens. Even if the exact center was the pyramid, for the sake of argument, math did exist and engineers also existed–hell, Eratosthenes knew the circumference of the earth to a very accurate degree by using sunlight, shadows and a few sticks. Even if this was in Alexandra, a few thousand years later, the point is if he could figure it out someone before him could as well. And the Egyptians weren’t stupid. They had access to a large part of the ancient Near East, trade routes which connected to other cultures they didn’t conquer, and being that they survived relatively unscathed (where as most other civilizations were conquered over and over again), they had the benefit of storing knowledge and passing it on from generation to generation in the form of language–and written language to boot!

    As for your other sources:

    The truth of the matter is the data you present is, often, from hundreds of years ago from people who had no clue. We still don’t have a clue, but we’re much closer to figuring it out than they were and the data we are producing about the past is far different than what the likes of individuals (dilettantes in many cases) presumed it to be based upon their limited data and their complete and utter lack of the scientific method of analysis. Aliens did not help build the pyramids and your delusion that there is even circumstantial evidence for this is troubling on many levels.

    And your constant habit of equating enigmas with supernatural phenomena is getting tiresome. Just because you’re ignorant about something, doesn’t mean it needs you to place a filler there in place of your lack of knowledge. God didn’t do it, and neither did aliens, or unicorns, or mother nature, or the celestial beings, and there is a relatively low probability that your sources from 1883 had a chance. Robert Bauval is an engineer, not an archaeologist nor a historian. Ralph Ellis is laughable (are you seriously using him as a source? Really? How cult-ish and pseudoscience-y of you). Graham Hancock…the guy who wrote about Earth Crust Displacement? Do you have any credible, modern sources to cite or were you hoping that name-dropping these individuals would be enough? Anyone credited as being the inspiration to the movie 2012 does not yield you much respect. It’s lunacy, and not because it goes against the statu quo but because it is simply fiction disguised as fact (and the people who know what their talking about, because they hold multiple degrees in those specialist fields are the ones corroborating the very point that what these folks are saying is just plain stupid).

    Look, when you can produce a well-respected paper on the subject, we’ll talk because at that point you’ll have a solid foundation for an argument (and by the way, so far your appeals to popular pseudoscience are not arguments which support any point, let alone your own). Until then, you’re just spitting into a strong wind and calling what’s coming back at you ‘rain.’

  7. I wonder if either you, Tom, or you, Robert, saw the episodes of BBC Horizon about Atlantis and specifically the theories of Hancock and Bauval. The critical approach was wonderful, and it showed just how weak their hypotheses really are. The story behind making these shows is also in the book “Archaeological Fantasies” (2004). Basically, this stuff was debunked in a public forum about a decade before this conversation even started.

    Oh, the same should also be said for von Daniken if you bring him up; Horizon and PBS Nova destroyed his credibility in the 1970s (I have tried to find the episode itself; failed so far).

  8. I haven’t seen it, but I will try to locate the video. If I can track it down, I’ll post it (unless you have the BBC Horizon one somewhere, please link!).

  9. Here is the transcript to the Horizon show ‘Atlantis Uncovered’:

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