Charles G. Cogan: Whose Jerusalem Is It?

An interesting article over at the Huffington Post.  Charles G. Coogan writes on the subject of identity in his article “Whose Jerusalem Is It?”  Here is a selection from article:

“God Wills It,” cried the French Pope Urban II at the synod of Clermont, in south-central France, in 1095, as he exhorted battle-thirsty Frankish and Lombard nobles to go forth and capture Jerusalem for Christianity, as had been requested of him by the Byzantine Emperor. It was one of a number of mistaken Christian ventures into Islamic lands, on down to our day.
As the nobles made their way, along their route they acquired more adherents – German nobles and various commoners. It was a long voyage. At one rest-stop along the route, Ratisbonne (now Regensburg, in Bavaria) they encountered a community of Jews and proceeded to massacre them. This was a pattern that would repeat itself in subsequent crusades. The crusaders finally took over Jerusalem in 1099 and engaged again in massacres.

via: Dr. Charles G. Cogan: Whose Jerusalem Is It?.  Read on.

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