CiteSBLHS for Windows

I know I’m a little late posting this, but I find this to be a very useful editing tool!  It’s a little clumsy at first, but after a few books, it gets easier.  Here is the blurb from SBL:

CiteSBLHS – A great program, written in Java, that allows one to create footnotes, endnotes, bibliographies, and maintain a library. After creating a new library, users can select the type of resource and enter the applicable information. The program will then display the information according to the SBLHS. Citations can be exported in either Rich Text format or Nota Bene Alt-Cit format. This program is helpful for anyone who uses the SBL Handbook of Style to write papers. This program requires Java 1.6, which is currently available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. Please note: This program is still in beta. Please report any errors or submit any improvements or new features to Steffen Jenkins, the program’s author, who will be delighted to hear from you and can be contacted via the CiteSBLHS web site. While SBL has tested this program and has found it to be virus free as of 2-26-08, the link provided is off of our website. As such, SBL maintains no control over this code, and users must download at their own risk.

Installing CiteSBLHS on Windows.


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