Hidden Messages and Exploring Our Matrix

James McGrath explores an oft-missed point on his blog about the portrayal of God in the Hebrew Bible.  It’s a short, yet interesting, read and one which deserves further contemplation.  Here’s a snippet:

This post isn’t about messages supposedly hidden in the Bible in “Bible code” fashion. But there is something in Scripture that is not strictly speaking hidden, and yet many of us fail to see it, at least initially.

What I’m referring to is this: In the Hebrew Bible, there seems to be very little concern that people say “the right things” about or to God.

Just a few passages that spring to mind in connection with this theme are Psalm 44:23, which asks God why he sleeps; Psalm 78:65, which describes God as like a drunk person awaking from an alcohol-induced stupor; and Jeremiah 15:18, which describes God as being like a deceitful brook or waters that fail.

via Exploring Our Matrix.


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