Around the Blog-o-sphere: Friday Update

A lot if happening out there, and there are a lot of excellent bloggers tackling important issues, dishing out book reviews, and discussing conferences.  So here is a short update.

Books, Reviews, and Publishers

Over at Diglotting, one can find a book review of Text and Community written by a friend, J. Harold Ellens.   A forthcoming volume from Cambridge promises to be quite an excellent resource, and Dr. Jim has contributed to it!  ξἐνος raises the call for papers for the Colloquium on Theological Interpretation.  The Sheffield Biblical Studies blog continues the review of Maurice Casey’s book (al la Christopher Markou).  Stephen Carlson writes on alternative readings of Gal. 2:20 over at Hypotyposeis.  James McGrath brings up another review happening here.

On Faith Matters, ETS, ASOR, and SBL Conferences

Over at Idle Musings, James Spinti ponders Gods, idle-worship, and mugs.  Marc Cortez talks about Sexualizing God, ETS and Pauline theology.  Roland Boer promotes his papers to be read at SBL.  Some discussions of ASOR are taking place over at Aren Maeir’s blog.   Joel Watts goes on and on about SBL, ad nauseam [just kidding Joel, you know I want to throw up every time I read your blog cherish your blog!) [ ;-) ].  Jim West photo-blogs conferences here, here, here, and here (but none have yet surfaced showing Jim in his ‘Conference overalls’).

Politics, Scholarship, and Misc.

Over at the Religion Bulletin, they ask the tough Theological question: Can Jesus Microwave a Burrito? James R. Getz Jr. talks Wikipedia, Google and its place in higher education.  As has already gone viral, Robert Cargill writes on Norman Golb’s sons recent sentencing over harassment and impersonation.  Timo Paananen discusses Craig Keener’s book (many of my readers know I am no fan of Keener’s views).  Jim West brings up the weird incident about social networks and asthma attacks (which in no way involved me..*ahem*) and Sarah Palin.

In other news, James Crossley really needs to update his blog…

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