The Resurrection: Why The History Channel Still Needs to Shut Up

I was checking out a news feature on the resurrection, found on B&I’s News section, and low and behold the piece was written about a forthcoming History Channel “documentary” on the happenings between the period of the resurrection and ascension.  And as I read the account, the dilettantism shone through.  Here is an example:

What happened between the Resurrection and Ascension is a whole lot of miraculous stuff. Jesus is crucified (think “Passion of the Christ”), raised from the dead (think zombie movies) and then ascends into heaven (Think “Star Trek” and “beam me up, Scotty”).

Jesus walks through a locked door to meet with his fearful disciples, breaks bread with two guys on the road to Emmaus; when they recognize him, he disappears.

via The Resurrection of Jesus: Believing the Impossible Is Possible.

First, O Dilettante, Jesus isn’t crucified between the resurrection and ascension–the raising from the dead bit is the resurrection.  Jesus doesn’t break bread with two guys on the road to Emmaus, he breaks bread with the two guys inside a house, at a table, in a village.  He just happened to meet them on the road.  Also, Jesus does not walk through a locked door…such a statement never appears in the Gospels.  Luke makes no reference at all to a door, and John only says the door was locked and that Jesus “appeared” before them.  There is no perception of motion through the door, as if Jesus were a phantom of some sort.    And the icing on the cake?

On the other hand, others like me will conclude that these stories are fantastical tales that actually happened.

Indeed, because you have no perception at all as to what ‘theology’ is and no grasp of the ancient mythic mind, the value of these “fantastical tales,” and the roots of the narratives in question.


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