Back-Stabbing and Gossip: Prep School Depravity

One thing about back-stabbing…eventually, the knife changes hands.  Like lying, you will be caught and, when that happens, your integrity is forever gone.

(Nov. 23) — America’s elite prep schools may be portrayed as envious, insidious bastions of backstabbing politics on television, but in the real world they sometimes turn out to be — well, pretty much the same.

Connecticut’s famous Choate Rosemary Hall, once home to JFK, Ivanka Trump, Edward Albee and others, has become embroiled in a Facebook scandal that seems ripped from an episode of “Gossip Girl,” The Daily Beast’s Lynnley Browning reports. A group of Choate students are in serious trouble after posting flames to a 200-page private Facebook thread titled “Mwaahhahaha,” where they attacked other students and bragged about drinking and taking drugs.

“You know it is possible to say no when someone tries to have sex with you. Just throwing that out there. Like no is still an option, you whore,” read one post.

via ‘Gossip Girl’-Style Facebook Scandal Plays Out at Connecticut Prep School.


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