Surprise! U.S. Conservatives at Odds with Vatican Over Condoms

Well, it was expected.  The Catholic Church changed its mind?!  But that means it might be fallible!  So…clearly, we should all ignore it ever happened…  At least this is the position that many conservative Catholics have taken.  Nevermind that many positions held by modern Catholics reflect the instituted changes over a long period of time (much of the CCC is revised theology and dogmatic law based on modern understandings of religion, faith, society, science, and history), the Church (ergo, the Pope) is infallible and thus it cannot change its mind (or, rather, the Pope can’t alter dogma).

NEW YORK — Faced with a changing outlook from Pope Benedict XVI on condoms and their role in preventing the spread of HIV, many prominent conservative Roman Catholics in the U.S. are rejecting the Vatican’s own explanation of what the pope said.

Several orthodox Catholics said they would only accept a more formal papal pronouncement. Others insisted that journalists were purposely misrepresenting Benedict’s comments. Some questioned whether the papal spokesman, the Rev. Frederico Lombardi, accurately quoted the pope.

Bishops and the experts who advise them were scrambling to make sense of the news.

“It’s a mess,” said John Haas, president of the National Catholic Bioethics Center in Philadelphia, which advises church leaders, hospitals and Vatican offices. “I’m not ready to say that the pope said what Lombardi said.”

via U.S. conservatives at odds with Vatican over condoms – U.S. news – Life –


2 Responses

  1. Actually, not at all.
    The pope said that a person who was committing a moral evil was committing less of an evil by using a condom than if he didn’t use a condom.

    This in no way obscures what the Church’s teaching on condoms is, and in no way gives every-day people permission to use condoms. Also, it does nothing to postulate the effectiveness of condom use in the prevention of HIV.

    One person, Fr. Fessio, I think said this, paraphrasing: The pope said, effectively, this: If a mugger using a lead pipe as a weapon to successfully complete his mugging instead used a padded lead pipe, the mugger would be committing a less evil crime. The fact is that a crime was still being committed. It’s just that the victim would be better off.

  2. Thanks for proving my point.

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