Quick Thoughts on the Noah’s Ark Theme Park

Unlike many of my colleagues, I have no problems with the exhibit and the park.  We live in a country where people are free to believe whatever rubbish and/or dilettantism they wish.  Just don’t try to stand in the way of an Islamic-themed Park if one were ever constructed.  Once you do that, you cross the line.  Until that point, however, everyone is allowed to delude themselves into believing whatever apologists want to delude them with, whether it be a 6-day creation or a world-wide flood.  I just ask that legitimate scholars continue to do their best to help educate people about the difference between legitimate theology and whatever the crap Ken Ham decides to publicize next week.


One Response

  1. The group building this could receive up to $37.5 million back under the tax incentive plan they have been given. That does bother me.

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