Another Depraved Church Official Abusing Children

What the hell; how does this keep happening?  And why do I have Antoine Dodson in my head.  ‘He’s snatchin your people up tryna rape em so y’all need to hide your kids…’ Seriously, though, this is tragic and horrific and deplorable.  I hope he gets life.

Melbourne, Dec 6 (ANI): A former church youth group leader from Australia, who raped an 11-year-old boy at least twice a month over two years, is said to have told his victim that the assaults were not against the teachings of the church.

But Jacobs, who has pleaded guilty to four charges against two boys, told Victim A it was allowable because “they were not making babies”.

Victim B on the other hand had been forced to share a tent with Jacobs at a CEBS beach camp in 1983 where he was assaulted.

Jacobs, now a management consultant, befriended the boys’ parents and hosted sleepovers for the boys and gave them gifts, and Victim B and his parents grew to know, like and trust him.

Jacobs groomed his victims by telling them they were special and shaved the legs and genitals of one of the boys when he started puberty, and even took “close-up and full body” nude photographs of them.

via Church youth leader raped boy, 11, saying it was not against God’s word | TruthDive.

You are so dumb; you are really dumb–for real.  And you’re depraved.  Rot in prison, you sick, sick individual, and stay there.

The Most Embarrassing Book You Own

H/T to Jim West for haranguing me into this meme, but apparently the honor of this meme goes to Mark Stevens (so we should all send our thanks to him for starting this debauchery into dilettantism).  For me, the most embarrassing book I own is this:

It has a full complement of endnotes (11 or something) and a full bibliography (maybe a quarter of a page).  There is no book I own which is more full of rubbish.  Like Jim West’s book, this one was sent as a review copy.

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