Constellations and Planets Visible on Christmas

Pretty awesome!  This has been one spectacular month of celestial events–from the Geminids to the eclipse, and now this!

The Yuletide evening sky should provide a dazzling sight for anyone willing to brave the cold this season.The eastern sky is filled with brilliant stars, creating a sort of celestial Christmas tree. This December 2010 sky map depicts a view of some of the constellations visible on Christmas in the Northern Hemisphere.Distinctive groupings of stars forming parts of recognized constellations, or lying within their boundaries, are known as asterisms. Ranging in size from sprawling naked eye figures to minute stellar arrangements, they are found in every quarter of the sky and at all seasons of the year. The larger asterisms — ones such as the Big Dipper in Ursa Major and the Great Square of Pegasus — are often better known than their host constellations. One of the most famous asterisms is in the northwest sky these frosty evenings.

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