History According to the History Channel

So. True. It makes me want to cry.



The Alternate History Channel – GraphJam: Music and Pop Culture in Charts and Graphs. Let us explain them..


Depravity: Woman Lures Brothers Home, Then Whips and Robs Them

The question is, who is more at fault–the men or the woman?  What is that definition Ambrose Bierce gives again?

  • BELLADONNA, n. In Italian a beautiful lady; in English a deadly poison. A striking example of the essential identity of the two tongues.

How appropriate…

A pair of Bethlehem brothers were lured to an Allentown home by a woman they met at a bar early Wednesday, and were then beaten and robbed by several men waiting for them, Allentown police said.

Allentown police said Mario Rodriguez, 21 and Josto Rodriguez, 32, met the woman inside the B&B Piano Bar, 248 N. Ninth St., early Wednesday. The woman later called the brothers and invited them to a home in the 700 block of Gordon Street, Captain Daryl Hendricks said.

via Allentown brothers robbed: Allentown brothers robbed, woman lures brothers into vacant home where they are pistol-whipped and robbed. – mcall.com.

I’m sure Jim West would make some theological point or another about this.  I just say, be careful who you give your number to and try not to think too much with the wrong appendage, and you’ll do just fine.

Searching for Muses: New 10 Plagues?

Of course the dilettantes continue on with their lunacy.  Someone today found my blog today searching:

  • rain of dead birds are part of the new 10 plagues

Right…new 10 plagues… because God wants to, what, terrorize us with dead birds and fish?  The whole point of the plagues on Egypt was they they were living; they were everywhere and made life unbearably intolerable for the Pharaoh and the Egyptians so he would release the Jews (which, of course, he couldn’t do anyway because God forced his heart so, even if he would have normally released them, he wasn’t allowed–so much for free will, eh?).  What purpose would God have for pummeling one or two miles-worth of rural(!!) roads with dead things?  Hell, I pass dead animals all the time on my way to work.  Let’s wake up people, stop being dilettantes, and remember that we have brains.  Use them.

Though, if there were new plagues upon the earth, I’m going to say that the first is probably American Idol.  Ten seasons of that show makes life pretty unbearable.

UFO Community Links Recent Bird Deaths to Aliens

Ugh, seriously?  If it’s not the dilettantes who pretend to care about the Bible it’s the crazy alien conspiracy people.

In what’s viewed as a scene from a horror movie, both birds and other wildlife are dying on a massive scale from Beebee, Arkansas, to central Oregon coast beaches and beyond; while the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) points to alien technology as interfering with bird migration patterns and other factors as UFO visits become more prominent in the new year.

Birds along Oregon coast staying grounded

MUFON’s “UFO community” has been sending out guidance to investigators of the mysterious bird and wildlife animal deaths. One popular theory among UFO experts is a “cloaking device,” used to make alien spacecraft invisible, as possibly causing the birds in Arkansas and other areas to fly into it and die as birds often do when encountering aircraft flying at vast speeds.

Because UFO sightings are often over bodies of water, such as the Arkansas River, MUFON believes the dead drum fish that’s been reported in the hundreds of thousands may be linked to exposure to UFO craft and lights.

“There’s been regular UFO sightings south of Beebee in Minden, Louisiana. The object spotted was an orb or disc that was pulsing colors and eventually disappeared. The object’s relationship to what’s been happening in BeeBee is not yet known,” stats a MUFON official.

via UFO community links recent bird, wildlife deaths to alien technol….

I’m disappointed in humanity.  Listen, people, it’s not god or aliens or secret hidden technology.  It’s just birds dying and some fish dying; it’s not an invasion, a research project, or a mark of the end of the world.  Simmer down.

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