Experts: “Mass Bird Deaths Are Not Apocalyptic” – Well, d’uh!

Only in America do people freak out this much over matters that have absolutely nothing to do with this myth of an ‘end of the world’.  Quote of the day?

“In the United States the reaction is ‘oh no, Doomsday is coming’. In Sweden, they say ‘let’s call the veterinary authorities’,” he said.

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I could not have said it better.  (Though, I was saying this same thing days ago)


Happy Birthday to Thomas Thompson (via Zwinglius Redivivus)

I could not agree more! Thomas has shown himself over and over to be a great friend for many years; please join Jim and I in offering Thomas a very safe, happy, and Maximalist-free day!

Happy Birthday to Thomas Thompson Thomas is a fine person, an excellent scholar, a fine chef, and a great friend.  And it's my privilege to wish him, publicly, a very, very happy birthday! … Read More

via Zwinglius Redivivus

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