Would Alien Life Change Your Views?

This is a question I have asked; would the detection of alien life–especially an advanced civilization (or one similar to our own state)–cause everyone to question what it is they hold dear?  How would religions handle this sort of knowledge (would they react like they do in Contact? Would theological exegesis adjust to allow for this?)?  Would Fox News call it Obamaworld?

Alan Boyle writes:Would the detection of extraterrestrial life cause the kind of paranoia or alien worship we see in science-fiction shows ranging from “The Day the Earth Stood Still” to “V”? In a fresh round of studies, scientists and theologians suggest it really wouldn’t have much impact on what we do or what we believe.The Brookings Report warned in 1961 that the discovery of life beyond Earth could lead to social upheaval. But Albert Harrison, a psychologist at the University of California at Davis, says “times have changed dramatically” since then.

via Cosmic Log – Would alien life change your life?.


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