Over 100 Dead Birds Fall Near California Highway

Jim West blames Bob Cargill for this (and in the process, through some bizarro-world implication,  lends supernatural prophetic abilities to the Golbs…scary!):

Who’s at fault? Americans supporting the Palestinians? No, my friends, the cause of this is obviously Bob Cargill! Yes, Bob Cargill! It’s because he rejects Golb-ianity that God has smitten these poor helpless birds. But what’s the connection? It’s so obvious: Bob begins with a ‘B’ and so does ‘bird’!

But you know what this means, right?  Oh noes!!!!  It’s teh endz of teh worldz!!11!!!1!!  And that means it was either alien spacecraft or one of God’s new plagues.  At least, that is what the conspiracy theorists and dilettantes will Google search (and, as it goes, find my blog in the process).

GEYSERVILLE, Calif. – California wildlife officials are trying to figure out what caused the death of more than 100 birds found clustered together just off Highway 101.

The Santa Rosa Press Democrat reports that California Highway Patrol officers found the dead birds near the roadway on Saturday and called in the state Department of Fish and Game to investigate.

The officers who found the birds described them as small with brown and black feathers. They were intact and had not been shot.

The reports come as other, larger bird deaths have been reported in Arkansas, Louisiana and other states.

Scientists say mass die-offs of wildlife happen regularly, and are usually unrelated and unreported.

More than 100 dead birds found off Calif. highway – Yahoo! News.

Blah.  And let the circus begin.


Sex Offender Pleads Guilty to Abusing 6-Year-Old Girl

Depravity to the tenth degree.  Absolutely horrible.  I hope he rots in jail.

An Easton man who sexually assaulted a 6-year-old girl faces up to 10 years in prison and a lifetime of registering as a sex offender.

Raymond R. Stull Sr., 58, pleaded guilty Friday to aggravated indecent assault for sexually abusing the girl in May 2009.

Stull was charged a year ago after authorities completed an investigation sparked by a complaint to the Northampton County Children, Youth and Families Division, police said.

Judge Edward Smith ordered Stull to be evaluated to determine if he is a sexually violent predator. Sentencing is scheduled for April 11.

via Easton sex offender: Easton sex offender pleads guilty to abusing 6-year-old girl – mcall.com.

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