The US Should Cease Giving Aid to Israel

I completely agree with Jim West.  Read the post:

The time has come for the US to stop giving $3,000,000,000 a year in military aid to Israel.   And I’m not the only one who thinks so.

That’s right- America is underwriting an illegal occupation.  Giving aid to Israel in order for Israel to continue to oppress the Palestinians is immoral.  Your tax dollars are being used for an immoral and unethical program and purpose.  You should say something about it to your Congressman and let the voice of justice and equality and fairness be heard just as loudly as the voice of Christian Zionists and their Congressional lackeys.

The US Should Cease Giving Aid to Israel.

5 Responses

  1. Yeah, let those Jews fight it out on their own.

    And when the Arabs finally defeat and occupy Israel, and massacre the inhabitants in second holocaust, we can say they had it coming.

    What is it that makes the New Atheists such anti semites?

    Mabye it is as Chris Hitchens said in GING, if only the Jews had been wiped out in ancient times, “we could have been spared the whole thing”, (page 229)

  2. Oh, I forgot, you censor comments, even though people like Reppert and McGrath don’t.

  3. How silly you are. (1) I’m not a new atheist (I’m not an atheist at all, actually) (2) Jim West is not an atheist. Why would you ignorantly believe the Palestinians (way to show your ignorance by calling them ‘Arabs’) want to massacre Israelis? If Palestine was allowed to exist as an independent state with its borders intact (without some Israelis killing Palestinians for their land, I mean), there would be no conflict. And I highly doubt that the Israelis will have much trouble quelling any uprising with their APC’s and tanks and machine guns…considering Palestinians are using sticks and stones to defend their territory. Also, Christopher Hitchens is a bad example. since he is a hardcore conservative Republican who would like to see Islamic countries irradiated from the planet and would probably welcome a nuclear strike against such countries. Maybe you need to read the people you cite instead of simply quote-mining from ignorance?

  4. No, I just don’t allow anonymous comments and since this is my blog, I reserve that right. Sometimes, though, I don’t approve comments because I feel sorry for the person posting them–I almost spammed yours to spare you the pain of being embarrassed, but because of your utter intolerance towards people, I put it on display instead. You may see the comment policy here:

  5. nicely put tom

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