Egypt: Not Chaos, But a Display of Humanity and Solidarity

A lot is happening in Egypt right now; I wouldn’t begin to pretend as if I knew all the socio-cultural nuances that rest subtly behind the News reels.  Change is happening.  But it is not just chaos, though certainly there is always chaos with change.  What is seen, quite contrarily, is the substance of humanity.  What do I mean?

Muslim protesters were sprayed during prayer.

So Egyptian Coptic Christians decided to step in and protect them.

Looters destroyed priceless Egyptian artifacts at the Museum.

So Egyptians formed a human chain around the building to protect them.

I find this all quite heartening.


3 Responses

  1. […] view of the calamity and violence in Egypt, it is encouraging to see this. Tom Verenna notices several displays of humanity and solidarity in the midst of suffering and violence. Check it […]

  2. I’ve enjoyed many a post here on Musings… but I have to say, this is surely among my favorites! I was moved by the pictures and the sentiment! Excellent work yet again Tom (and I shared it on my own blog!)


  3. […] Verenna gave us a much needed glimpse of the humanity and solidarity in the Egyptian […]

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