Depravity: ‘Troubled’ Son Dismembers Mom

Seriously…what the hell?  What sort of depraved person does this?!

A US man has confessed to killing his mother, chopping her up with a saw and putting her in the family freezer, a report has said.

According to the Daily Mail, Moise Meraz Espinoza, 19, stored the dismembered parts of his mother Amelia in the freezer of his apartment before walking into a police station and admitting to the gruesome crime.

When police searched the freezer they discovered the frozen remains of the woman, the report said.

Blood stains were found in the shower leading investigators to believe he had dismembered her in the cubicle before stuffing the severed limbs in the freezer.

Family members reportedly said Espinoza had been “troubled” and was depressed over the recent death of his girlfriend who was killed in a car accident.

He lived with his mother in Maywood, East Los Angeles.

Neighbours said they had last seen her a week ago.

Espinoza was charged with murder and held without bail.

According to the report, police spokesman Steve Whitmore said: “He came into our station and said to us that he had killed his mother.”

A family member, who did not want to be named told CNN: “I knew either he was gonna harm himself or someone but not just her, not her.”

Property owner Epifanio Hernandez reportedly said: “His mother, she’s a lovely lady, she worked all her life to take care of him.”

Meraz-Espinoza’s cousin was quoted as saying he had been going through a hard time, and his girlfriend was killed in a car crash nearly four months ago which made him “very mentally unstable”.


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