Joseph Tyson on Hector Avalos: Biblical Studies and Secularism

Joe Tyson recently reviewed Hector Avalos’ The End of Biblical Studies; it’s an interesting article (and I have a great amount of respect for Joe–so please go check it out!).  Here is a snippet:

Recently I had an opportunity to re-read The End of Biblical Studies by Hector Avalos. I read it shortly after it originally appeared but had not kept up with the subsequent comments from Avalos, his supporters, and his opponents. After reading through some of the essays on this web site, I went back to the book to read it in light of the comments.

And his conclusion:

Avalos includes an important clarification in his essay, “Six Anti-Secularist Themes: Deconstructing Religionist Rhetorical Weaponry:” “Contrary to the objections expressed by many of my opponents, I am trying to save biblical studies in public academia, but saving it requires a thorough reorientation and secularization. Faith-based approaches in biblical studies need to realize that their days in public academia are numbered if they don’t fully integrate with the approaches we find in the rest of the Humanities and Social Sciences.” If it were not for the obvious religionist nuances, Avalos’ book might have been entitled, The Salvation of Biblical Studies.

via The Bible and Interpretation.


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