Bob Cargill to Fox: Stop Acting Like Religious Scholars

I’ve already launched my own ‘please shut up’ campaign on this blog before (via against Glenn Beck and here against MSNBC), but nothing says ‘dilettante’ like this article over at Fox News’ website, and the real scholars are none too pleased with how these dilettantes are twisting the facts.  The media is pretty good at twisting the facts–regardless of which News Network you follow (they all equally suck at history and theology).  But it does seem to me that Fox has a particular habit of shouting religious and theological falsities the loudest…

Read this over at Jim West’s blog:

Really Fox, please, please, just shut up.  Just shut up and never talk about the Bible or Christianity ever again.  Every time you do (or Beck does or O’Reilly does) you all just prove to the rest of the world how thoroughly moronic you are.  You’re not just dilettantes.  You’re far worse.  You’re Fox News.

Now read this:

i’ve said it before, i’ll say it again: the sooner people at fox news stop trying to be theologians – i’m looking at you bill o’reilly (here) and glenn beck (here and here and here and here) – and stop trying to establish themselves as religious authorities attempting to cultivate some sort of christian version of sharia law, the better off we’ll all be.

just admit that you only want to criticize president obama, and don’t mind using some sloppy biblical exegesis misinterpretation to do so.

don’t you think that a journalist with even a shred of integrity might hear president obama’s speech and say, ‘hmm, that sounds like a verse i know. i wonder if he’s using a different translation?’ nope. instead, this ‘fox nation‘ report (note that the name of whoever wrote that ‘article’ is nowhere to be found) just assumes that obama misquoted scripture and started ranting, betraying both his/her own ignorance of the bible (and its translations) and his/her (religious?) animosity toward president obama.

dear fox news: please stop pretending to be religious scholars, because you suck at it.

dear fox news, please stop trying to be religious scholars, because you suck at it.

Now run off and read the rest over at Bob Cargill’s blog.  These are respected scholars, asking you to shut up before you continue to embarrass yourselves.  So, for the love of Pete, do what they say and shut up already.


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