More Depravity: Mom Sought After Newborn Found in Toilet


What is wrong with people?!

Police were hoping for tips from the public after a baby was found abandoned in a toilet at an entertainment arena in Greenville, S.C.

The child, a boy, has been in critical condition since being found Friday night after the stadium had hosted some 10,000 people to watch the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.

The boy had been left in a toilet and was found suffering from hypothermia, Rampey added.

The child was found by a member of the cleaning crew who called 911 and was instructed to tie a string around its umbilical cord, WYFF TV reported.

via Mom sought after newborn found in toilet – U.S. news – Life –

The most bizarre comment by the reporter?

The child services agency would have to investigate whether the parents are fit to take the child, the official added.

Really?  What exactly do you think they will find?!



One Response

  1. What is so suprising, Tom? Women of my generation have been raised to beleive that they have a right to abort their bablies, even late term.

    This woman’s mistake was in just not having an aborition a month earlier.

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