Mayor’s Name too Suggestive?

You tell me.

Fort Wayne, IN — A popular name in online voting for a new governmental building in Fort Wayne is not likely to make the cut.

Harry Baals (Bawlz), a popular mayor in the 1930’s, is currently the runaway favorite among voters on a city feedback website.

Deputy Mayor Beth Malloy told the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette that naming the center after Baals is not likely to happen. She told the paper they wouldn’t make any decisions that made the city look bad.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the Baals name had over 1,000 votes. The runner-up, the Eugene Johnson Memorial Center, had just under 300.

Supporters on the site said it is about honoring someone regardless of the name.

“Naming this building after a long term past politician is what most communities do. Who cares that the name is what it is. It’s about honoring a public servant,” said one poster.

The Journal Gazette said that Baals descendants now pronounce their last name “Bales.”

via Former Mayor’s Name May Be Too Suggestive For Government Building | | Triad, NC | Local News.


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