Fox News Says Video Game Causes Rape?

First Fox tries to pretend they’re religion scholars and now they’re sociologists…  stick to the news and stop trying to be experts in things you’re clueless about.  Please?  Thanks.

Some good lines from the article:

Oh Fox News … will you ever tire of trying to terrify our nation?


Of course, Fox doesn’t bother to offer up a study to support such a claim. You know why? Because there isn’t one. […] Also, the FBI says rape is down nationwide. That is, if you want to believe those guys.

via In-Game – Run for your lives! Fox says Bulletstorm causes rape.

And this zinger:

So, what’s to be done about this civilization-destroying madness? The Fox article suggests that the Supreme Court should uphold the (currently unconstitutional) California law that would make it illegal for “violent” games to be sold to minors with fines being handed down to retailers. Because more government involvement in our lives is something Fox News likes to get behind. Hey … hold on just a minute …?

Read the rest.


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