I do Love Espresso…

…and mild roast suits me just fine, indeed.  Otagosh has a humorous overview of the ongoing dialogue between James McGrath and Neil Godfrey over at his blog.  He writes:

I view the ongoing dialogue (or perhaps “exchange of fire”) between Neil Godfrey and James McGrath as a sideline spectator who really doesn’t know who to cheer for. My heart pulls me one way, my head the other. Neil takes a hardline mythicist position while James cautions “just hold on there cobber.” James has a nuanced position, but such niceties are often lost in this sort of debate. So when someone like Thomas Verenna enters the discussion, it’s helpful to see the issues from a third-party perspective.

If James chooses decaff and Neil takes his dark roast with an extra shot, I suspect Thomas prefers his espresso mild roast, double shot. I enjoyed his book Of Men and Muses very much (hopefully the second edition will purge the distracting typos.) Over on his Musings blog he responds to some of James’ reservations with (what seems to me) some well made points.

via Otagosh: Jesus Mythicism – decaff or extra shot?.


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