Total Depravity: Woman Falsely Claims Daughter was Kidnapped

Some people shouldn’t reproduce; now the daughter is going to end up in a foster home (which might be for better or worse), but imagine the emotional repercussions!  Here are a few snippets:

A Bonita Springs woman called the Lee County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday to report that her young daughter — under the age of 13 — was kidnapped by two men outside Bonefish Grill.

But there was one problem with the story she told: it wasn’t true.

The woman, Melissa Ashley Graham, 38, of Vermillion Lane, told investigators that she had an argument with her daughter inside the restaurant and decided to leave.

Graham’s daughter told investigators that after her mother drank two or three glasses of wine and then began acting weird. The daughter told investigators that her mother spit bread on the table and started yelling about family issues.

Graham then left the restaurant without her daughter. A short time later, the daughter and the restaurant manager went outside and found Graham in her car. The manager told Graham she still had to pay her bill, but Graham insisted the other person they were dining with agreed to pay it — but the only other person was her daughter.

Graham became upset and drove off. A few minutes went by and the daughter’s cell phone rang. It was Graham asking the whereabouts of her daughter. Deputies then tried to call Graham back, but she didn’t answer. Her daughter was then taken to the sheriff’s substation until her mother could be found.

via Bonita Springs woman falsely claims daughter was kidnapped | The News-Press |

And who got the blame?  This article states:

Once outside, the young girl was allegedly swiped by the men who then fled in a cream-colored sedan.

But according to this article she apparently told officials that:

Graham allegedly claimed two Hispanic men grabbed the girl and drove away.

So she fictionally creates an account of two “Hispanic men”; nice.  So now she is also a racist on top of being a horrible mother and a liar.  And her defense?

“This is all a complete misunderstanding,” Graham said. “I love my daughter more than anything in the world and I’m going to do everything to make this right.”

Too late.  You’ve proven just how depraved you are.


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