Jeffrey Cox: The Official Who Wants Police to Shoot Americans

This dirtbag should be arrested for terroristic threats.  Live ammunition?  Really?  What a completely depraved reprobate.

INDIANAPOLIS — The Indiana attorney general’s office says a deputy attorney general “is no longer employed” by the state after Mother Jones magazine reported he used his Twitter account to urge police to use live ammunition against Wisconsin protesters.

The magazine reported Wednesday that Jeffrey Cox responded “Use live ammunition” to a posting on its Twitter account saying that riot police could sweep demonstrators out of the Wisconsin capitol where they’re protesting labor legislation.

The Indiana attorney general’s office says in a statement that it respects employees’ free speech rights but public servants are held to a “higher standard” and should “strive for civility.”

Spokesman Bryan Corbin has not responded to multiple requests for additional comment.

The Associated Press called Indianapolis phone listings under Cox’s name, but could not reach him Wednesday.

Jeffrey Cox: You’re Fired.


2 Responses

  1. Related to Khadaffy (sp?) perhaps…

  2. Perhaps! I hadn’t made that connection, but it is probably a more truthful statement than what some pundits have been saying.

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