Daily Stupidity: Two Men Rob Store In front of Cops

Bwhop, bwhop….Stay in school, kids.  Or you’ll end up this stupid:

Two California men were arrested after they attempted to steal snacks and beer in front of four Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies, authorities say, and security video released Wednesday appears to back up that story.

The two men apparently didn’t notice the four deputies inside the Chevron Food Mart in the 14000 block of Rosecrans Avenue in La Mirada or the pair of marked patrol vehicles parked on the side of the store when they attempted to steal $18.76 worth of merchandise just before 4 a.m. Jan. 23, authorities said.

Surveillance video released by the Sheriff’s Department on Wednesday shows the pair entering the food mart shortly after the deputies, walking around the store for about 30 seconds before grabbing snacks and beer and running out the store. Four deputies chased the two men, reportedly catching them as they tried to enter their vehicle.

Jacob Wallace, 29, of Costa Mesa and Robert Martin, 19, of Victorville are each facing burglary and petty theft charges, authorities said. The two have been released from custody pending a court hearing.

via Bad idea: Rip off mini mart in front of cops – U.S. news – Weird news – msnbc.com.


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