Depravity and Stupidity: Man Spends $200,000 on Fake Online Love

Depravity to the thief and conartist who took advantage of someone’s emotions… stupidity for the poor fool who would fall for it…  If there ever was a testament to the things people will believe without evidence, here it is.

Love — online or otherwise — can be blind, but for one Illinois man, it turned out to be devastating, emotionally and financially. After giving $200,000 to a “woman” he met online, but never in person, the “woman” turned out to be a crook, and his money is long gone.

Most of us are savvy enough not to turn over money to strangers in the real or digital world. This poor guy —age 48 — wired varying amounts of money to different bank accounts in the United States, as well as places like England, Nigeria and Malaysia, over more than two years to his “love.”

The only way the scam came to light in recent days is because he went to police in Naperville, Ill., where he lives, asking for help to rescue the “woman.” He believed she “had been kidnapped in London,” according to what police told The Naperville Sun.

The only proof the man had of his love’s existence was an ID card that was provided to him; it was, in fact, a sample driver’s license from Florida, the police said.

“According to the report, when the officer stated the female did not exist, the man ‘was in disbelief,’ ” the newspaper said.

So are we. But our heart goes out to this guy, no matter what. Our wallets— well, we’ll keep them in our pockets, thank you very much.

via Technolog – Man forks over $200,000 to fake online love.


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