Depravity: Sex Toys, Drugs Found In Daycare

Sick.  People are just sick.  I hope they get lots of jail time and have to pay for the kid’s mental wellness for the rest of their lives.

PITTSBURGH — One person was arrested following an undercover drug bust at a day care in Homewood early Friday morning.

During the bust, agents found $6,000 worth of crack cocaine, several bags of sex toys and $4,000 cash.

Reanell Booker,50, who ran the R&B Childcare Services along Rosedale Street, was taken into custody, police said.

Investigators said they found sex toys and pornography sitting around in the children’s playroom when they conducted their raid.

According to police, about 10 to 15 children are enrolled at the day care. Agents made the arrest at 7 a.m. prior to the children arriving.

One parent who showed up to the daycare to learn that it was shut down said she doesn’t know where she’ll be sending her two young children.

“I just think it’s crazy. I don’t know where I’m going to send my kids now. It was convenient for me,” said the mom.

Leigh Stubblefield owns a daycare nearby. She passed out flyers to parents who didn’t know where to send their kids.

“It tarnishes our name. I don’t want people to think that every daycare is like this because it’s not. There are some of us who truly care about the children,” said Stubblefield.

Booker is licensed by the state to run the daycare and take care of children. She has no prior arrests on her record. Booker faces drug charges and could face child endangerment charges, said police.

Channel 11’s Julie Fine talked with a woman who recently took her son out of Booker’s daycare.

“I have seen quite a few people who were not attending the daycare in and out all day, said Khedijah Baskin.

“There are no words to explain when you hear your son is going to a day care where drugs are being sold…sex toys…and there are children there all day,” she said.

Baskin’s 4-year-old is now going to another daycare.

“I took him somewhere else and he is very happy where he is,” Baskin said.

Booker was released from jail late Friday.

She faces a preliminary hearing next week.

via Sex Toys, Drugs Found In Daycare During Raid – News Story – WPXI Pittsburgh.


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