Depravity: Pastor Caught With Hands in Pants Near Playground

This fool doesn’t know what ‘depraved’ is if he does this sort of deplorable act while throwing stones from his glass house.

NEW ORLEANS — A local reverend who gained national attention by staging protests in the French Quarter against the three-day gay festival Southern Decadence was arrested Friday afternoon for obscenity.

Grant Storms, 53, of Metairie, was accused of allegedly masturbating in public.

He admitted that he was in the park in a work van, that he had his seat reclined with pants open and that he had his hand in his underwear, but he said he was not masturbating.

A woman, according to Storms, pulled up and saw him with his hands down his pants.

He did, however, admit that he was looking at pornography on-line about an hour before he went to the park. He added that he struggles with an addiction to porn, and he asked pastors to help deal with his demons.According to a police report, two women say they saw a man sitting inside a parked van in the park, next to a playground where children were playing. The women say the man had his zipper down and was masturbating.Storms said he was taken aback by news that he had confessed to authorities that he had masturbated and exposed himself to children in the park, calling the allegation a “lie.”

According to the sheriff’s report, Storms told deputies he was having lunch at the park and decided to urinate using a bottle instead of a restroom.

He was released from the Jefferson Parish jail due to overcrowding.

via Tearful apology from ex-preacher after arrest | | Local News.

The only liar here is you, you sick, perverted man.


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