Depravity: Millionaire Used Stolen Credit Card to Buy Pizza…

This just goes to show you that greed knows no limits…

A Michigan dentist who normally dishes out pain through root canals found himself behind bars in Florida this weekend for being a pain in the pocketbook.

Richard Lewis Ludwig, 54, was arrested in Polk County Saturday on credit card theft and forgery charges after he allegedly went pizza shopping with a college student’s lost credit card, according to the Orlando Sentinel. Ludwig, from Okemos, Mich., was in town for his son’s baseball tournament in Winter Haven.

Police say Harrun Majeed, a military veteran now studying at a community college, had dropped the credit card in a Publix parking lot. He realized he’d dropped it when he got home, and he called to cancel it.

The credit card company said the card had been used at a pizzeria in the same shopping plaza as the Publix, and Majeed called the police.

When cops arrived at the pizzeria, they say they found Ludwig waiting for two large pizzas with extra olives he had ordered and paid for with Majeed’s card.

Ludwig’s bill was $40.64, and he had $250 cash in his wallet.

Cops asked Ludwig if he was having money problems. “Absolutely not,” the dentist replied, saying his net worth was between $3 million and $4 million.

Ludwig was also charged with impersonating and attempting to use the ID of another person without consent.

via Look, there’s somebody’s credit card — let’s get pizza! – U.S. news – Weird news –


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