Quote of the Day: On Commenters Hiding Behind Anonymity

James McGrath writes:

There are some that it is even less advisable to listen to, since their qualifications are never clear, if they have any. I’m referring, of course, to anonymous commenters.

It has always amazed me that people with the most hateful, disrespectful, ignorant things to say–all the while whining about freedom of information–are the ones most scared to be discovered and those who most champion the value of privacy (like the individual on James’ blog).   The irony.  This is why I have a comment policy.

I once again defer to Jim West’s words on the subject:

“Deception, fraud, misrepresentation, criminal behavior, sock puppetery, geoff hudson, heck you name it and anonymity is a literal pandoras box of stupidity and wickedness.”

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