Jesus Shoots his Mom

Say what?

Seymour, Mo (Springfield News-Leader) — An enraged Seymour man shot his mother and tried to shoot his father Tuesday night after the couple refused to acknowledge their son as the reincarnated Jesus, Webster County Sheriff Roye Cole said.

Cole said one mystery involving the incident that resulted in charges against Zakariah Jacob Evitt is what changed a decorated Army veteran’s life.

Evitt is charged with two counts of felonious assault and one count of armed criminal action.

Evitt, 26, talked with him about the late rapper Tupac Shakur and insists he is now Nicholas Jacob, a prophet of God and Jesus returned, the sheriff said.

After the shooting, Evitt took another gun and his father’s wallet and fled in his parents’ pickup truck.

Deputies found the truck abandoned near Highland Springs, and found Evitt on foot on County Line Road at the Greene-Christian county line, Cole said.

Evitt didn’t resist physically, but was verbally abusive toward arresting officers, the sheriff said.

During an interview, Evitt continued to be verbally abusive and refused to acknowledge shooting his mother, Cole said.

“He had absolutely zero remorse when I talked to him,” the sheriff said. “Every other word is the f-word, but that’s OK because he’s Jesus.”

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Today is one crazy day…


It’s not the Apocalypse, it’s the Pacific Ring of Fire >> Unsettled Christianity

Well said, Joel.  Well said.

Before the dilettantes (the real ones and not the people which we disagree with) react to the earthquake and try to draw comparisons between it and the mini-Apocalypse in Matthew 25, let me just, you know, draw a picture for you…

Cough, cough… start with Haiti, then Chili, New Zealand and… Japan.

Before you go start assuming that we are at the end of the world, remember, this happens and has happened throughout history.

Oh wait, some dilettante already has. If only he knew what current scholarship has already said about the Mayan calender and how we have mistranslated it, missing the mark by about 300 to 400 years.

via It’s not the Apocalypse, it’s the Pacific Ring of Fire | Unsettled Christianity.

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