It Just Proves the Point That People are Slobs

…and we leave trash where ever we go.  If we ever colonize another planet, we’ll do the same thing.

FAIRFAX, Va. — To better meet the growing threat of space junk around Earth, the National Research Council is taking a close look at NASA’s orbital debris programs to suggest improvements.

The so-called emptiness of space is in fact far from empty, at least in the neighborhood surrounding Earth, which is becoming more and more crowded with functioning and defunct spacecraft. Naturally occurring small meteoroids, trash such as spent rocket stages, as well as debris created by collisions between satellites, adds to the mess.

The growing detritus poses a danger to all spacecraft orbiting Earth, including manned spaceships such as the space shuttle and the International Space Station. So the NRC has established a special committee to review the steps NASA is taking to face the space junk threat.

via NASA zeroes in on growing space-junk threat – Technology & science – Space – –

We are a terrible race.  We really need to clean up our act…


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