“New” Jesus Scrolls: Fraudulent After All

Jim West reports:

So those who have supposed them to be the real deal, bad news, it’s just more bogus rubbish.

The ‘Newly Discovered’ Jesus Scrolls: More Fraud.

Read on to find out what Matthew Kalman writes regarding these fraudulent scrolls which, as it turns out, were discovered quite some time ago (not just five years ago).

So we can all disregard the earlier post on this subject.

2 Responses

  1. Does that mean that you have withdrawn your invitation to Philip Davies of Sheffield University to write on the subject?

    Aren’t the people at Sheffield University experts, and if they say something is genuine, then it is genuine?

  2. Steven,

    Philip and I are friendly colleagues who talk often. But to be honest, I wouldn’t expect anything substantial from any scholar on this find, if they are indeed genuine, until a paper on the findings can be published.

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