Stupid Move of the Day: Man Presents Two Forms of ID Before Robbing a bank

Hmmm….I guess this guy didn’t think this through all the way?

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Police say a man tried to open an account before robbing a central Pennsylvania bank, but only after he’d already handed over two forms of identification.

Harrisburg police say 35-year-old Daniel Rahynes walked into a bank on Sunday and told tellers he was interested in opening an account. After he gave bank employees his information, he declared that he was actually there to rob the bank.

Investigators say Rahynes drove off with a small amount of cash, striking another vehicle. Meanwhile the bank contacted police, who issued a warrant for his arrest.

Police in a neighboring county took Rahynes into custody following another crash near Carlisle and learned of the warrant.

Rahynes faces bank robbery charges. It was not clear if he had an attorney.

via Cops: Pa. bank robber presents 2 forms of ID – U.S. news –


2 Responses

  1. Yeah, I really messed up. But I gave the police a false name so I won’t have to show up in court after I post the bail.
    You couldn’t loan me a few hundred grand, could you?

    Oh, and don’t post this on your blog!

  2. Sure to all of the above. ;-)

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