Complete ‘Press Release’ of the ‘Messianic Sealed Books’


This coincides with the continuing discussion on this blog here and here.  I now have to accept that, if the provenance is correct and the books are indeed not forgeries, and if they can be dated to the period in which the press release claims, these are probably early Jewish-Christian in origin.  However the implications cannot be known until more investigations can be done and, moreso, a study is published with the full findings.

5 Responses

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  2. Stephan Huller thinks they might be from the time period of Simon Bar Kochba.

  3. That would make sense; though we shouldn’t discount the possibility that they are spell books (‘scripted code’ sounds a lot like ‘spell book’) and they were very common, especially among Christians in the 3rd century. And Jewish mystics likely used such “magic” books as well. So I’m not convinced yet of *(a) a Christian link and *(b) a first century CE dating. I look forward to the study that will be published on them.

  4. […] Complete ‘Press Release’ of the ‘Messianic Sealed Books’ […]

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